Things I Wish I Could Travel With

Everyone has their things that makes home feel like home. Here is a fun list of things that I wish I could take with me everywhere I go, but unfortunately can’t fit in my suitcase or are too tricky to travel with!

Coconut Oil

Ok, so this seems like a weird one to put on my list, but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to travel with coconut oil without it getting all over everything. It’s just too messy! But I use this for so many things!! I’ve used it as makeup remover, body and face moisturizer, lip balm, massage oil (my little feet love this after a long day in high heels!), hair moisturizer, and more! Flying really dries you out and coconut oil brings me back to life!! If you have a travel hack of how to travel with this regularly without getting it everywhere, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET IMMEDIATELY!


Who wouldn’t want to bring their dog to work?! I don’t currently have a fur baby because I travel so much (maybe there is one in the near future for me… ). With my job, I see people traveling with their pets all the time, which is much easier when you fly private, of course. It secretly makes me jealous. Although, I’m not mad about the dog kisses I get at work from my furry passengers when they get to tag along!!

A Good Hair Dryer

I could theoretically pack one with me, but with how much space it would require and how little space I have, I leave my hair dryer at home. This means that I get to use the cheapest, crappiest hair dryers of all time. Why don’t hotels get better hair dryers? Beats me. Maybe we should start a petition?

Squatty Potty

This is a blog written by someone with Crohn’s disease, therefore what is a good post without discussing BMs?! Traveling can do a number on your digestive system. Many people will experience constipation or diarrhea when traveling because of changes in their diet, stress level, and more. There are basic hacks to help you get through a travel BM (Like drinking tons of water, eating high fiber foods, exercising, resting and using laxatives (WISELY!!!) but nothing beats having “good form” when you’re sitting on the porcelain throne. When I’m really missing my squatty potty, I’ve used alternatives such as a flipped over hotel bathroom trashcan. I’ve heard some people use their luggage (not a personal fan of that idea, but hey, to each their own!)

My Road Bike

I’ve been to some really great places and thought “man, I wish I could cruise around on my bike and explore!” Unfortunately my bike takes up a bit too much room to be able to bring it with me. I have rented bikes while I travel but it’s either very expensive or it’s not a great quality bike.

My Tushy Bidet

Not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of having your behind cleaned by a nice refreshing blast of water but it’s a game changer. I first used a bidet in Italy and was so intrigued by the concept of this contraption. After extensive research on how the heck to actually use one I went for it and golly!!! They are a dream!!! I found a bidet on Amazon by a company called Tushy and added it to my toilet seat at home. Now I get to feel super European when I potty! Unfortunately I can’t bring my toilet with my when I travel.

My Loved Ones

Traveling for business is so different from traveling for personal adventure. I definitely have a unique opportunity to see more places than the average person because of my work, which I try to take full advantage of, but not without the reminder in the back of my mind longing to share these experiences with the people I love. Because I can’t take them with me, I bring little things back with me when I travel to let them know that I was thinking of them. They can’t always physically be with me when I travel, but they are most definitely with me in spirit!!

What are some things that you wish you could bring with you when you travel?

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