Quick Update!

Hey there!! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything in my blog. The last month has been quite hectic! Here is a quick update to get you up to date with all the new happenings in my world before I jump back into my blogging!

I got in a car accident last month, which was somehow filled with blessings. I was unfortunately hurt and therefor was not able to work for a while, however, the time off allowed me a chance to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday, time to sort out my car situation as mine was totaled, and gave me some much needed R&R time at home while my health recovered.

I also was grateful for my own financial planning so that when this happened, I wasn’t stressed about having to take the extra time off, and I was also able to afford purchasing not only a new vehicle, but my dream car. I would apologize for bragging, except that it was absolutely a product of hard work and strategic planning of saving money for a “rainy day” (coincidentally, it was actually raining when I got in my accident). I plan on writing about how to become a financial warrior in a blog soon so stay tuned!!

Once I was back to work, I was very busy flying all over the states and adding in another country (Aruba) to my list, making my total country count 20! I’m impressed that I didn’t get sunburned! ((remember that sunscreen is actually WAY cooler than getting skin cancer, kids!!))

I bought a road bike and have been cycling my tushy off as often as I can! I absolutely love driving down Topanga Canyon, parking at the beach and riding the boardwalk from Will Rodgers Beach to Venice or sometimes Playa Del Rey. I also have a bike path that runs right behind my house! I have been tracking my rides on Strava which you can check out and follow me here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/39893625. Thank you to my uncle Butch for helping me get into the sport and answering tons of questions and thanks to Marvin at Santa Monica Mountain Cyclery for helping me get all set up with my new ride!! ((Another safety message from yours truly: helmets are actually WAY cooler than getting brain damage or dying, kids!!))

Regarding Crohn’s – I am still in remission, which is awesome! I switched from Humira to Humira Citrate Free, which was a total game changer! It’s the same medication, but less additives, less liquid, and a smaller needle. The stinging I used to feel injecting Humira is completely gone and is now pain free!

Last but certainly not least, I started dating someone. After spending a majority of my adult life single, I met Lanny and we’ve really clicked. I won’t bore you with too many details here, but he also has Crohn’s disease like me! (Watch out people! #CrohnsCouple is a officially a thing!! ha ha) Look out for a blog where I interview him on his experiences with Crohn’s. It’s been really amazing to find someone that I don’t have to explain my diet or lifestyle to due to my disease.

That’s all the updates I’ve got for now! I’ll be jumping back online and writing a bit more often. As always, thank you for your continued support!

Do you have any topics that you would like me to cover or any questions? Comment below or email me at DanyRambles@gmail.com!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. On my as of late rare occasion of checking out fb, this morning I came across your blog. I’m so happy for you little cuz. Hard work is part of what moves us upward, essential for success, but really Danielle it is your spirit that I love so much about you. You are open and free…a throwback hippie girl❤Always with love, Lisa


  2. Next up! A series of HAPPY posts that aren’t about sickness and being busy and shots and hospitals. C’mon now girl ! Spread some joy.


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