52 Week Adventure Challenge

I found a post recently about an Adventure Challenge – one for each week of the year. It’ll be hard, but I’m going to try to do every single one! They might not be in order, since I don’t have total control over my location, but here’s the list! I will update with pictures as I complete each week theme!

Who’s going to join me on one of these adventures?!? Comment below if you’re in!!

Week 1: Snow-venture

Snowboarding at Ski Cooper in Colorado!

Week 2: Frozen Water

Week 3: Desert

Week 4: Sand

Week 5: Birds

Week 6: Passport Stamp

Week 7: Thermal Water

Week 8: Wilderness Area

Week 9: Glamping

Week 10: Give Back

Week 11: Mountains

Week 12: Another State

Week 13: Sunrise / Sunset

Week 14: State Park

Week 15: National Park

Week 16: National Landmark

Week 17: Wildflowers

Week 18: Waterfall

Week 19: Volcano

Week 20: Thru-Hikes

Week 21: River

Week 22: Road Trip

Week 23: A Night in the Woods

Week 24: Lake

Week 25: Meadows

Week 26: Swimming Hole

Week 27: Ocean

Week 28: Look to the Sky

Week 29: Island

Week 30: Alpine Lake

Week 31: National Forest

Week 32: Elevation Gain

Week 33: Cave

Week 34: Canyon

Week 35: Rain Forest

Week 36: Fungi

Week 37: Fall Foliage

Week 38: Wildlife

Week 39: Ancient Artifact

Week 40: Rock Formations

Week 41: Historic Sites

Week 42: 10 Mile Adventure

Week 43: Cliffs

Week 44: Ghost Town / Mine

Week 45: Old Growth Forest

Week 46: National Scenic Area

Week 47: Urban Adventure

Week 48: Watershed

Week 49: Valley or Fjord

Week 50: Marine Life:

Week 51: Into the Woods

Week 52: Adventure Like You Give a Damn!

Have an idea to fill one of my weekly adventures? Comment your recommendations below!

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