The Trip That Started It All Pt. 2

Memories from my trip

If you haven’t already read part 1, go back and read it here. In part 2, I will talk about some of my memories when I was in London!


Dany Rambles and mom in LondonLondon was the easiest to navigate — mostly because everything was in English. It was a great place to start so that it didn’t give me too much of a culture shock. It was here that I really started to understand and appreciate how deep the history is, especially in Europe. Growing up in the United States, we only have a couple hundred years of history as a country. In Europe though, you have insane amounts of art and literature and documentation. Some of the buildings are almost a thousand years old (Westminster Abby was built in 1090 – 928 years ago) and they are absolutely STUNNING.


I have a memories of being on one of the double decker tour buses and video taping a bunch of cute guys that must have just come from a pub watching a football match (aka soccer game). They noticed that I was recording and started to serenade me from below. I was a giggly teen who totally gushed over their adorable accents and drunken song. My mom would not let me live down this moment – she would say to me “Boys turn your brain into mush”. She is not wrong. My mom is full of wisdoms like this.

I’m Singing in the Rain

One of my favorite moments from this city though had us both crying we were Dany Rambles with wet bagslaughing so hard. We had gone shopping all day and had bags filled to the brim with new clothes. Of course, it’s London, so it starts to rain. This wasn’t an issue at first because we had umbrellas (Part of our overpacking benefits), however, it began raining so hard that it was impossible to stay dry. Getting wet was the least of our problems though, you see, because our shopping bags were all made of PAPER. As the rain continues to fall, our bags start getting wet and ripping. The handles didn’t hold any longer and pretty soon we were holding a bundle of clothes with wet pieces of paper only kind of wrapping them. Because our hands were full we couldn’t hold our umbrellas above us to keep us from getting more wet, so it just got worse. We finally found a bus to board and got out of the rain just Dany Rambles wet bags rippedlong enough to attempt to reorganize our shopping to try to make it back to our hotel without dropping anything. I’m not even sure what the lesson was to learn here. I don’t know that we could have done too much differently, although if I went back in time I wouldn’t change it if I could. It was absolutely worth the laugh!

To see more of my pictures from London, see below:

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Have you been to London? If someone only had one day, what would you recommend that they do or see? What are some of your memories from this city? 

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